Tree Scripts from Catalyzer Gaming

(click HERE to download)

Catalyzer Gaming wanted to share some scripts he made with the rest of the modding community to make working with a mass amount of trees a lot easier.

Add the attached scripts into your Editor then open them and make any variable changes you would like.

treeReplicator: Replicate the selected tree in a radius around it. (Look over the changeable values at the top of the script.)

treeRadiusFix: Scan all trees and delete trees which are too close to another. (set treeDistance value at the top of the script. Default is 5m)

treeFloatFix: Auto Fix Y values of all trees to match terrain height.

terrainColorCodes: This doesn’t work all the time but its an attempt to aquire the colors you do not want to have trees placed on. The console display results are used in the treeReplicator script.

With the new 3.4 version you can create deep GE transform structures but you must have a single top level parent.
All final nodes under that parent must have LOD0 in the first position. If LOD0 is not the first of the last transform then the script will get stuck in a loop.

Example: Trees -> Tree1 -> LOD0
Example2: Trees -> Pines -> Tree1 -> LOD0
Example3: Trees -> Pines -> GreenSmall -> ThinBranches -> Tree1 -> LOD0